6 do's & don'ts for achieving a radiant complexion

Published on 11 July 2017

Smooth skin. Plump skin. Radiant skin. These attributes are the epitome of an impeccable complexion. And although it may feel unattainable, by nourishing your skin inside and outside with these six essential skin care tips, you’ll see both instant and long term improvements, allowing you to obtain glowing skin for good.

Do maintain a clean diet

We are what we eat - and drink - making diet a top priority for those wanting healthy, radiant skin. Without adequate water and vitamin intake, our skin appears dull, and wrinkles and lines more prominent. Ensure you drink at least eight glasses of H2O per day, but be careful not to drink the water fast - sip on it slowly to help your body absorb the water, rather than just flushing it out. For a refreshing taste and extra flavour, add some chlorophyll to your water. Partner this habit with plant-based, nutrient-rich food come meal-time and you’ll also help heal and nourish your skin from the inside out.

Don’t skimp on sleep

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason: get too little of it and your skin will become dehydrated and prone to redness and puffiness; get an adequate amount and your skin will heal and regenerate itself, allowing you to rise with a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion. Always ensure you’re clocking around eight hours a night to achieve that lit-from-within glow. Your mind, body and skin will all thank you for it.

Do actively reduce stress

Stress isn’t kind to our bodies, both on the inside and the outside. When it comes to skin, the increase in cortisol during peak times of stress results in flare ups such as acne, psoriasis and eczema, as well as breakouts and dullness. Aim to reduce the effects of stress on your skin with regular relaxing massages like Endota Spa’s Soothing Stones, and use aromatherapy oils like Perfect Potion Breathe Easy Blend to calm your mind and body when stressful moments strike.

Don’t skip cleansing or exfoliating

Proper cleansing and exfoliating are key to a radiant, clear complexion as they rid the skin of dirt, grime, pollution and dead cells to help reveal supple, newer skin underneath. When cleansing morning and night, don’t rub or pull at the skin - use gentle circular motions while applying soft pressure. Try Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse and L'Occitane Illuminating Scrub Reine Blanche. And only exfoliate once or twice a week to avoid irritation; focus on the T-zone, which contains more visible pores than the apples of your cheeks - the area we tend to exfoliate first.

Do use targeted treatments

Essences, serums and masks provide real skin care results because their formulas are highly concentrated and contain ingredients that target specific skin concerns. Look for antioxidant-rich formulas with vitamins A, C or E like The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion to help protect against free radicals, which can dull the skin and cause uneven skin tone. Hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or squalane are also musts, and can be found in Endota Ceuticals Hyaluronic Acid, which plumps up the skin for a smoother surface that reflects the light. Pair these ingredients with regular microdermabrasion treatments at Eden Laser Clinics, and you’ll soon uncover more even, luminous skin.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

Daily sunscreen application is a non-negotiable in Australia in order to prevent skin cancer, but it’s also the key to radiant, even-toned skin. Apply at least of teaspoon of SPF 30+ broad spectrum lotion on your face daily to ensure you’re adequately protected against both the ageing UVA rays and the burning UVB rays. This will help prevent hyperpigmentation caused by melanin production, leaving you with youthful, glowy skin.