Back-to-school stationery trends

Published on 24 January 2019

The kids may not be all too thrilled about going back to school, but chances are they’re at least a little excited to stock up on some new stationery. Starting the year with a fresh kit of back-to-school supplies is akin to us adults splurging on a new diary and compendium to help us achieve our goals of a productive and organised year ahead. They help them kickstart the semester on the right foot.

School stationery checklists are helpful for steering you in the general right direction, but when it comes to items like ‘pencils’, ‘lunch boxes’ and so on, you have a lot of big decisions to make. Colour, pattern, fan favourites... It can be overwhelming!

To help you navigate all the back-to-school decisions you have ahead of you, we’ve hunted down the top stationery trends for 2019 to guide you through your shopping list.

Novelty backpacks

If your school will allow it, novelty backpacks are a hot buy this school season. They’ve traded in their function-over-fun style (don’t worry, they’re still the former as well!) for something more personality-packed. Hint: Unicorns and dinosaurs are the most popular right now.

Scented stationery

Yes, stationery has become a full sensory experience. From scratch-and-sniff notebooks to blueberry-scented markers, they’ll be coming up with excuses just to use these delectable finds.

Personalised pieces

Put away the label maker, because these school essentials come with your name or initials already printed on it - in a much more stylish fashion! Even retro name-card pencil cases have made a comeback.

Bento lunch boxes

The secret to keeping sandwiches from turning soggy is to separate your packed lunch items into sections. And the best way to do this is with a bento-style lunch box that has plenty of compartments. You’ll find these lunch boxes in all shapes, sizes and of course, colours! They’re also a great choice for picky eaters who don’t like to mix and match their foods.

Main image credit: Kikki.K My School Years Book, $34.95