Cutting edge gadgets for the tech savvy

If you are someone who is always chasing the latest breakthroughs in technology or simply have to have the newest releases on the market, then this is your go-to list. They may be big-ticket items, but these new tech finds are also tools to ease or improve everyday life, so they’re well worth the splurge.

Macbook pro

Apple have packed their latest laptop, the MacBook Pro, with some exciting new features that any Apple-loving, tech fanatic will be keen to get their hands on. As you would expect from any upgrade, it’s faster and more powerful than its predecessors. It’s also thinner and lighter. But the real breakthrough lies in the Touch Bar, a strip of glass built into the keyboard where you can easily access your tool bar (which changes according to the program you’re in) with the touch of a finger. The colours are brighter and more vivid with 25% more colours than sRGB, plus for those who love to play their music loud, the speakers now offer up to 58% more volume and a louder bass. It’s a great laptop for graphic designers, video producers and DJs– either in the making or those that have already gone pro. Or for anyone who wants the best of the best.

Google Pixel smartphone

If you like to use your phone as a virtual personal assistant who organises your life, files all your paperwork in one easy-to-find place and keep tabs on just about everything else in your life too, then treat yourself to Google’s new Pixel phone. One of the newest smartphones on the market, it has a lot going for it. But it’s not just its built-in Google Assistant that should excite any tech-savvy person, it also has the highest rated smartphone camera on the market right now and offers unlimited online storage to save all the visual records of your life.

Samsung Gear S3

A smart choice in both tech functionality and style, the just-released Samsung Gear S3 is a premium watch that does a whole lot more than tell the time. Synced to your Samsung phone, you can answer a call, access apps and messages, and even pay for your coffee – all without even having to have your phone or wallet on hand. The built-in GPS will also keep track of your fitness and your distance covered during your workout, or simply record your whereabouts.

Dyson supersonic hair dryer

Tech has its place in all aspects of our lives, and Dyson’s new cutting edge hairdryer will make an impact in your everyday beauty routine. Its intelligent heat control function guards against extreme heat damage to keep hair shiny, while the controlled, high velocity airflow dries hair faster and smoother to save you time.

Cheap tech thrills

If you’re not looking for a lavish item but still want something cutting edge and cool, then grab one of these gadgets.