The Homegrown Edit

Published on 10 August 2018 by Canberra Centre

After getting your fix of cult Japanese homewares at MUJI and adding the latest Spanish-designed statement piece to your wardrobe courtesy of Zara, it’s time to revisit the tastes and textures of home. From leather luggage in earthy tones to eucalyptus-infused skincare, here are six items guaranteed to boost your appreciation of Australian innovation and flavour.

Ross Weekender | Saba
Sharp tailoring and well-made basics are always a given at Saba. Simultaneously stylish and understated, the enduring Melbourne-born label is all about effortless-looking ensembles. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, this wax-finished bag is all the justification you need to get planning your next weekend getaway.

The Australian Collection | Haigh’s Chocolates
Haigh’s has been supplying Australia with premium chocolate for over a century, leaving you with the challenge of choosing from more than 250 varieties. Each meticulously crafted chocolate in this 18-piece giftbox has been given a distinctively Australian spin, with highlights including the milk chocolate wattleseed crunch and dark chocolate quandong.

Australian Bush Herbs | Gewürzhaus
This ground spice mix from the home cook’s paradise that is Gewürhaus combines a range of homegrown goodies including lemon myrtle, bush tomato and native thyme. If you want to elevate your bread, scones and stews to a whole new tier of deliciousness, this is for you.

Outback Mate Soap | Lush
Scented with bracing eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint, this energising and environmentally friendly soap will transport you to the bush and do its part to save it too.

Flower-shaped Cast-iron Casserole | Le Creuset
However delectable your family recipes may be, it’s safe to say that any lamb stew, beef curry, pumpkin soup or pasta sauce batch can benefit from a few hours of simmering away in a cast-iron pot from cookware specialist Le Creuset. This playful ombré pink casserole looks like fun and delivers with premium functionality.

Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub | Mecca Maxima
Not satisfied leaving the intoxicating aromas of coffee in the kitchen? Neither was the team behind Australia’s most coveted all-natural body scrub. When it comes to beauty products that smell good enough to eat, this antioxidant-rich coffee scrub with coconut oil and nourishing jojoba is top of the list.

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