Five makeup looks inspired by Canberra

Published on 12 July 2018 by Canberra Centre

Surrounded by bushland, crammed with cultural treasures and lined with sculptural architecture, Canberra provides more than its fair share of beauty inspiration. As part of our Beauty Precinct birthday celebration, we called on the experts at Inglot to translate our favourite local spots into unique makeup looks.

Makeup inspired by Canberra's famous sunsets

Glowing like the city seen from above at sunset

In autumn, the gold and terracotta hues of the trees that line central Canberra’s pathways are an artist’s dream. A sunset vista of the city from Mount Ainslie or the orangey tones that light the entrance of the National Museum of Australia provide similar inspiration for a beautifully bronzed goddess aesthetic. The new 70-piece JLo x Inglot collection, handpicked by Jennifer Lopez, is your go-to for this look. Give your cheekbones a 3D luminescence with some Livin' The Highlight Loose Highlighter, take things a step further for the evening with Cosmic Glow Pure Pigment Eyeshadow, and achieve maximum sun-kissed effect with a swipe of moisturising Goldilips gloss. For an everyday glow á la JLo, make sure you keep some Boogie Down Bronzing Powder in your kit.


Glassy like Lake Burley Griffin

The mirror-like surface of Lake Burley Griffin on a calm day or night, when public buildings can be seen perfectly reflected in the water, bring to mind the glass skin trend. Try mixing a little bit of Sunrise Drop Face Oil (from the Inglot Lab skincare range) into your foundation or primer to give your skin a healthy shimmer, or be brave and use it sans makeup to get that just-gymed-but-not-greasy shine. Featuring jojoba, cherry kernel and apple extracts, you don’t need much of the oil to make your face silky smooth and build a barrier against brutal winter weather. Give yourself a dewy-looking pout with the help of Inglot’s High Gloss Lip Oils, and consider adding a metallic sheen to your lids with Aquastic Cream Eyeshadow in a shade that complements your eye colour.


Makeup inspired by Floriade

Pink and painterly like Floriade

As one of the most-photogenic events in the Canberra calendar, Floriade serves up enough colour ideas to keep you busy experimenting with eye and lip palettes all year long. Once you’ve seen the garden beds of Commonwealth Park overflowing with pink and purple pansies, tulips and hyacinths you’ll probably want to reach for Inglot’s High Gloss Lip Oil 02, which contains chameleon pigments that adjust to complement the natural tone of your lips as well as rejuvenating shea butter. Freedom System Eyeshadows 48 and 282 will help give you that rosy springtime flush, while full lashes that flutter like the wings of Floriade's butterfly population are easy to obtain with the help of Inglot’s 79s or JLo-preferred falsies. Freshly watered-looking skin is the key here, so make sure you prep your canvas with a refreshing and smoothing product like Inglot's Multi-Action Toner featuring extracts of black pearl, lily and ginko.


Ethereal like the NGA’s Skyspace

The Within Without installation in the garden of the National Gallery of Australia, with its dazzling turquoise pool and domed whitewashed sanctum, makes a lasting impression on all who visit. For space-age eye makeup in keeping with this unique artwork, drawing a graphic shape with AMC Eyeliner Gel 88 atop AMC Shine Eyeshadow 159. Adding a drop of Duraline liquid sealer to your liner will make it easier to apply and longer wearing. Duraline will also intensify the colour of glittery pigment and keep it from collecting in the crease of your eye. To ramp up the celestial vibe further, dab some Inglot Body Sparkles XL7 into your lip gloss.


Makeup inspired by the National Arboretum Canberra

Earth-toned like the arboretum

The National Arboretum Canberra is not only one of the capital’s most beloved attractions, it’s also a haven of botanical beauty inspiration. If a forest-green eye is more dramatic than you would usually go for, opt for a 90s-style brown lid using eyeshadows 285 and 299 instead. Make your brows appear thick and full with Brow Shaping Mascara and use beige Kohl 05 along your waterline to open up your eyes. Check out Inglot's broad range of super-matte lipsticks for the finishing touch, preferably in oak-tree brown. If you fancy a pop of colour come nighttime, a green-gold line beneath your bottom lashes in AMC Pure Pigment 84 should do the trick.


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Images © Visit Canberra, Floriade/Carol Elvin, National Arboretum Canberra, Inglot.