What to wear this party season

Published on 19 December 2017

 If any time of year justifies a new wardrobe, it’s the party season. But so many events to dress for, from festive cocktails to family lunches, it can be daunting to decide on which pieces to invest in.

Good news is, you can look a million bucks without spending it. It’s all about using a bit of creativity, a little clever accessorising and keeping an open mind. We asked some of our favourite style leaders to give us a lesson in festive dressing. Here’s what you need to know.

Your face is your best accessory

Sounds obvious, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that your look isn’t all about your clothes. According to Janette Wojtaszak from The Statement Life, one of the best investments you can make is a bit of TLC for your skin. “Your face is your asset and as you mingle and meet new people at Christmas parties, you want it to glow,” she says. But this isn’t the time of year for heavy, caked-on product – for a dewy, more natural look, illuminator and bronzer are your best friends.

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Shine in flats

Need some party-appropriate shoes? Then pick a pair that fit your feet as much as your sense of style. “Parties are loooooong affairs,” points out Janette Wojtaszak, “so choose your shoes wisely.” To avoid carrying a pair of emergency thongs or (even worse) going home barefoot, check out the pretty flats on offer this season. Wojtaszak suggest trying out “some gorgeous metallic choices” – without that painful end-of-night regret. For men, steer clear of breaking in a new pair of dress shoes at a party or you’ll be nursing some new blisters, too.

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Reinvent the LBD

Looking for something fresh for the party season, but need something that’ll last through till next season and beyond? Three words for you: Little. Black. Dress. With a billion and one options out there, there’s a style to suit every body and every budget. Long, short, lacy, sparkly, chic or casual – take your pick and add accessories to amp up the glamour when cocktails call. Best of all, simply add a jacket and you’ll also be set for next Christmas in July.

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Guys, your grooming counts

Glam frocks and sparkly accessories may steal the festive season limelight, but gone are the days when men could get away with wearing, well, whatever smells ok. “Keep your look clean,” suggests Janette Wojtaszak, “and book in to freshen your hair and trim that beard.” The same goes for your outfit – skip the baggy jeans and t-shirt, and pick up some beige chinos for a preppy, unfussy look. Dressing to impress isn’t about making a big fuss, she says – it’s all about quiet confidence.

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