Pinky's guide to a flawless base

Published on 29 October 2018

A good face of makeup begins with a flawless base. While mastering your skincare routine will help create a smooth canvas for your makeup, foundation is an impressive product that can even out skin tone, smooth skin texture, brighten and conceal all in one. But, getting the application right is key. We asked one of Australia’s best makeup artists, Nicole Thompson (AKA Pinky) to reveal her expert tips for nailing this all-important step in your makeup routine.

Why is foundation such an important product in our makeup kits?

“Everyone needs a little foundation love. Whether you don’t like to look like you have foundation on, or you like a full-on face beat – there’s a foundation out there to suit your needs. Polishing and perfecting your complexion will help to make sure the eye, brow or lip makeup you apply looks 100% better.”

How do you know if you’ve found the perfect foundation match?

“The ultimate foundation should look like you were just born with perfect skin.
I like to always make sure I match my foundation to the base of my neck or the collarbone and look in a large mirror to check that it matches the face and the shoulder. Trying foundation on your wrist or jawline is often a waste of time – I don’t know anyone who has the same colour on their wrist as they do on their face! It’s always paler. The collarbone is the perfect halfway point between the face and the body that will make sure you look seamless.”

What advice do you have for finding the right foundation formula for your skin type?

“There are endless options when it comes to makeup, and the answer will be different for every person – makeup is really a prescription. Here are some considerations for you, but honestly, if it feels good and works into your schedule – it’s right for you.

Oily skin: Try a liquid foundation that dries down to a matte finish and is oil-free. A long-wearing set is the most important claim the foundation must have. You want to know that this bad boy is going to stay in place. Powder foundations also work really well when pressed in with a sponge, starting from the centre of the face and working outwards.

Dry skin: You want a foundation in either a liquid or cream form that will boost hydration and in turn boost radiance in the skin. Try a liquid foundation that has a radiant finish so it will take away the appearance of any dryness, while giving you flawless coverage that won’t cling to the dry surface. Or, try a cushion compact foundation; they’re designed to give you buildable coverage with serious glow, and they also make it super easy to touch-up on the go.

Combination skin: Don’t be afraid to mix! For people who have an oily T-zone but are a little dry at the edges of the face, I would suggest using your matte-finish foundation through the centre, where you need the most coverage. Then, mix a little of that foundation with a moisturiser or illuminator and work it around the outside of your face with a soft fluffy brush. That way your shine is controlled where you need it and everywhere else if effortlessly glowing.

Normal skin: Lucky you! You have the pick of the bunch. All you need to ask yourself is: ‘How do I want my skin to look?’ Then just go for it!

Sensitive skin: I highly recommend trying a CC cream when you have sensitive skin. CC creams (colour correction creams) can really reduce redness and increase radiance by adding moisture and protection from UV rays!”

What are your top product picks for a light, medium and full coverage foundation?

“For a light coverage, I love something like Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15 (available at Mecca Maxima). For medium coverage, try Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (available at Mecca Cosmetica); and for full coverage I’m a fan of MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (find it in Mecca Maxima).

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Foundations to try:

Deciem The Ordinary Serum Foundation
Inglot Beautifier Tinted Cream
Endota Spa Liquid Radiance Foundation
The Body Shop Matte Clay Powder
Mecca Maxima Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15
Mecca Maxima MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15