Rodd & Gunn Boots the Suit

Published on 21 March 2019

 It’s becoming commonplace for businesses to adopt a more relaxed feel in the office outside of casual Fridays. Rodd & Gunn is adopting this modern unconventional approach to 9-5 office wear by ‘booting the suit’.

Between smart casual and business casual workplaces here’s the Gunn Guide to nailing your look.

To nail the smart casual look at work, you need to start with the shirt. The smart casual shirt is a bit of a chameleon; it can be dressed up or down. To achieve the look, opt for a simple white or checked style in comfortable fabrics; like cotton or linen, nothing too stiff.

A more traditional look for men’s workwear, the business casual style is the middle man between corporate and smart casual. Elevating the dress code, the business casual shirt is more likely to be dressed under a standard suit and tie. For added comfort choose shirts in fabrics that have added stretch and flexibility that easily layer under your suit, such as a tailored, sport-style fit shirt.

Whether you’re working a smart or business casual look, a well-fitted soft tailored jacket is an essential. Travel to work in style, or hang in your office for that all-important meeting. Pair with chinos and check shirts, our Italian fabric jackets will take you from work to weekend.

Switch up your corporate wardrobe and shop the collection at Rodd & Gunn.