Trans-seasonal kidswear pieces to weatherproof their wardrobe

Published on 26 April 2019

Dressing yourself for the unpredictable autumn weather is hard enough; when it comes to preparing your little ones for the day ahead, you need to think smart. Layering is essential to ensure you have all temperatures covered. As we near closer to winter - but still have the occasional pockets of warm sunshine - these are the trans-seasonal essentials your kids need in their wardrobes. 



First step: keep their little legs warm. Leggings are always an autumn/winter go-to for kids. This year, you have two style options. Something simple like a knitted legging in a neutral shade for ultimate versatility, or something bold - animal print is a HUGE trend this season and offers a fun element to their trans-seasonal style.


Printed long-sleeve tee

Over one of their summer singlets, layer a long-sleeve tee to keep their arms warm and protected from the cool wind. Opt for something that fits well to allow for seamless layering. Don’t be afraid to embrace vibrant colours and prints: Make this layer your statement piece. 

Pinafore dress

There’s a clear ‘70s revival in fashion right now, and the kids are getting in on the trend, too. Pinafore dresses - especially in corduroy fabric - are a comfortable and stylish piece to layer over leggings and a top. Their button clasps also make it a cinch to remove a long-sleeve top if the weather turns sunny. 


Cuff Pants

The perfect balance between comfy tracksuit pants and something a little more smart and stylish, cuff pants are great for keeping boys warm during this in-between weather. Denim is durable and easy to style, but there are plenty of options if you want to try something different, such as mustard yellow, which is having a major moment this autumn.

Stripe long-sleeve top

Stripes have always been a classic, and this year they’re even more popular than before, showing up in a variety of colours and designs. Boys and girls alike will get plenty of wear out of this trend, and it is so easy to mix and match with other pieces in their wardrobe. For your boys, opt for a long-sleeve striped tee that’s a little on the baggy side to allow for airflow: it will protect them from the cool outside air, without making them overheat whenever they head indoors.

Puffer Vest

An easy way to rug them up while still giving them freedom to play to their heart’s content is with a vest. This season it’s all about the puffer vest, which is cosy, comfortable and will provide enough warm to keep their whole body temp stable.