Unexpected eyeshadow colour combinations you should try

Forget what you’ve been told about perfect colour pairings because in the world of beauty, rules are meant to be broken. Over the last couple of years, bold and vibrant colours have become more prominent and popular, bringing a fun alternative to the classic neutral shades.

Going one step further than using daring colours throughout your makeup kit, colours this season are being intentionally clashed for maximum impact. Shades are finding friends in the most unexpected places on the opposite spectrum of the colour wheel.

Traditionally, colours are paired with complementary shades that sit beside them on the colour wheel, but for those who want to try something new, the most eye-catching effects are best achieved with polar opposites.

How to colour clash

Before you start painting your lids in a colour-clashed masterpiece, know that less is more. Stack bold two-tone strokes along your eye line, or go vertically half and half with eyeshadow across the lid. Build the intensity to suit your comfort levels or ease into the trend with one hue on your lips and its opposite on your eyes.

Tip: The best pairs, while clashing, should still balance each other out. Opt for one shade that’s dark with another that’s light, or pair a rich intensity with a soft wash in a contrasting shade.

Unexpected shades to wear together

Try these new colour combinations for a bold statement.

Forest green and pale pink – the earthy tone of a dark green lends itself to be softened with a feminine baby pink shade.

Burnt orange and navy – both striking and dark, the flicker of warmth in a burnt orange shade lift a classic navy.

Rose gold and silver – mix your metals and watch your eyes pop with these two unlikely partners.

Coral and plum – purple is a universally flattering colour, while coral is a bright shade perfect for getting your noticed. Together they ensure your look is flattering and attention grabbing.

Burgundy and beige – beige is the perfect nude to pair with any colour, and beside a rich tone like burgundy it freshens up the smoky hue.