Unwrapped 2014

For thoughts that count this Christmas.

Given in 2004, worn by Erica ever since.

“When we were born, my grandma bought my sister and I charm bracelets. Over the years, she’d collect charms every time she went away on a trip. 

We knew we weren’t getting them till we were older. But every Christmas, we used to stay with her for a few weeks and our favourite thing to do was go through the charms and decide which ones we wanted. 

The charms all represent things she wanted for us in the future. There’s a piggy bank to ensure financial success, and a horse to represent always going forward in life. There’s even an America’s Cup charm for the year Australia won it. 

These days, I only wear it on special occasions because I’m so paranoid about losing the charms. It’s gone on to become a family tradition and I’ll be doing the same thing for my one-year-old daughter.”


– Erica, Bruce, ACT


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