Shaun Of The Dead

MA, 99 mins, Comedy, Horror

Shaun (Simon Pegg) shares a flat with two friends from school, his best friend, the lay-about Ed (Nick Frost) and his second best friend Pete (Peter Serafincowicz) who don't like each other. He is a retail store clerk with nothing happening. His girlfriend of three years, Liz (Kate Ashfield), is sick of the no-hoper and one Friday night they finally break up. His mum (Penelope Wilton) hopes he'll remember her birthday and some flowers. But Saturday brings a new day ... Shaun doesn't notice at first, but the streets are deserted except for shuffling zombies, and the tv carries news flashes that warn of a general emergency. By the time Shaun and his friends realise what is happening - the recently dead are rising and eating any of the living they can get their teeth into - it's almost too late. Then his plan to save them all by retreating to The Winchester pub goes horribly wrong.

Director: Edgar Wright
Main Cast: Bill Nighy,Dylan Moran,Simon Pegg,Kate Ashfield,Nick Frost,Lucy Davis,Nicola Cunningham,Keir Mills,Matt Jaynes,Penelope Wilton
Consumer Advice: v,l

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